FCC & Senate Bills- What You Should Do!

The time to take action is upon us! Our stations have been working very hard to bring hyper local content to our communities, at little to no cost to many, and if this is taken away what will it be in exchange for? Our funding is under attack and we need your stories and communities to do the follow:

  1. Attend hands on events for local, states and federal issues and talk about the FCC impact on municipalities and SB 637
  2. Educate your local officials on what you do and share stories that show you do it well! This means reaching out to your neighbor communities as well… they will be effected by this loss of funding even if they are NOT using it for Community Media.
  3. Meet with State & Federal Officials locally or in DC.
  4. Create videos to advocate for FCC opposition and the value of PEG.
  5. With examples of what is well received in your community.
  6. Send comments to legislatures;
  7. Specifically to Debbie Dingell and Gary Peters for the FCC matter
  8. And House Reps. for SB 637

We’re drafting talking points, but you should start a document with personal stories explain how this will impact YOUR COMMUNITY!!!

For example,

Paragraph 1- should be about who you and your station are in the community.

Paragraph 2- Should be about how PEG/your services work in the community, how services are provided at $0-little cost, how this will impact you and your community. Paragraph 3- What are some services and testimonial of how important you are in the community or what you do well.

Note: we’re still waiting for open comments once the document goes live, but you should be talking with people and starting to collect their stories. Q&A information below….


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