Free PSA- Importance of Forestry to Michigan

New Videos Show Importance of Forestry to Michigan

Innovative forest management brings new opportunities and lasting value

Ann Arbor, Mich. and Grand Rapids, Mich. – The Sustainable Resources Alliance (SRA) and Spalted Banjo Consulting (SBC) are determined to spread the word about the benefits that forestry can provide for Michigan’s landowners, even in the more urban parts of the state. Two new videos from this partnership, Active Forest Management: Protecting Michigan’s Forests for the Future and Urban Wood in Michigan connect viewers with the value of trees, both while they are living and once they are dead.

The downloadable, higher-quality versions are available on Vimeo:

Traditional Forestry

Urban Wood in Michigan

The video series was produced as a capstone for Spalted Banjo Consulting’s recent wood harvest and utilization demonstration project with the Land Conservancy of West Michigan (LCWM). Supported by SRA via a USDA Forest Service grant, SBC used traditional forestry techniques to assist restoration activities on two of the Land Conservancy’s properties. At Brower Lake Nature Preserve, the team removed low-quality pine trees that were hampering the site’s biodiversity and potentially endangering recreational trail ways. At The Highlands, hazardous dead ash trees were removed from the converted golf course. At both sites, wood from the removed trees was recovered and milled, which is not a typical practice on conservation properties. By producing pine fence posts and ash lumber as a byproduct of their restoration activities, the LCWM was able to extend its resource conservation ethic even further.

Westbound Productions, a sustainable production company located in West Michigan, worked with SBC to develop the two videos, both which address many public misconceptions about Michigan’s forestry industry. The videos discuss why both traditional and urban forests should be managed, how forestry practices can support conservation, and how surprisingly, wood from urban trees can live on in high-end products. “As a business owner, who cares deeply about preserving our forests, I learned a lot about the role foresters and loggers play as natural resource managers through working on this project,” explains Tyler Wiewiora, Owner of Westbound Productions. He said, “Understanding and allowing sustainable forestry and logging practices is key to maintaining the health of our environment.”

In response, Margaret Miller, owner of Spalted Banjo Consulting, LLC, commented, “Just as Tyler learned a lot about forestry through filming these videos, similarly, I hope these videos can help all Michigan residents better understand how innovative forest management brings new opportunities and lasting value to our state’s forests and people.”

Both videos are available for public viewing on the website of the Michigan Urban Wood Network: Spalted Banjo Consulting ( is a natural resource and small business consulting company with a mission of helping landowners, nonprofits, municipalities, and other organizations with effective and sustainable resource management.

Media Contact:

Jessica Simons, Project Manager

on behalf of Sustainable Resources Alliance

Phone: (734) 707-1949


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