Fall Station Tour Stops

The 2018 Fall Station Tour, in Monroe Michigan, will showcase many different PEG Studios. The studio will include:

We’ll also stop for a lunch break and have a round table Tip or Trick discussion on what your station has done to make their production work easier.

Hotel accommodation include:

o   Phone: (734) 242-6000

o   Phone:734-289-5700

o   Phone: (734) 639-1701

Thank you to MPACT & the City of Monroe for hosting the 2018 tour! More information TBA!

Save the Date_Fall Station Tour_2018

AND You’re Also Invited to…
Join us for this annual joint meeting with Michigan NATOA at a special discounted rate for Michigan NATOA and Michigan ACM Members

MAB Great Lakes Media Show- Engaging with the World at Our Fingertips Conference on Wednesday, March 7 2018 at the Lansing Center, Lansing Michigan

Schedule of Michigan NATOA/ACM Sessions

Registration only $40 includes lunch

Each year, Michigan NATOA and Michigan ACM collaborate to bring together sessions as part of the MAB Conference. In return, our members receive a huge discount for attending.

8:00 am: Registration and Exhibits Open- Sponsored by Patrick Communications

8:30 am: Keynote Session
Caroline Beasley, Beasley Media Inc.
Fred Jacobs, Jacobs Media/jacapps
Larry Patrick, Patrick Communications

9:50 am: Innovation Break featuring LiveU, Inc.

10:10 am Session I: Representing Diversity in Community Media

The past few years has seen an increase in discussion over diversity in media. Are the stories being told in your community being accurately represented? Media helps construct the perception in which we live. What happens when media omits or distorts a whole group of people? In this session we explore race, gender and other social issues and how we can better represent diversity.
Rina Risper; President and Publisher, The New Citizens Press
Geri Alumit Zeldes, Ph.D., Professor, MSU School of Journalism

11:00 am: Innovation Break featuring Advanced Lighting and Sound

11:30 am Session II: Where to Find Grants and Grant Writing Techniques

Cable cord cutting is one of the biggest scares community media centers have when it comes to sustaining funds to keep centers operational. There are several ways money can be raised to contribute financially for organizations but what about grants? First, how do you find them and second, how do you write an award winning grant? This session will help media centers learn grant writing techniques and help navigate where to find sources of revenue.
Speaker: Matt Schuster; Executive Producer, Public Media Network

12:30 pm: Main Luncheon and 2018 Michigan Student Broadcast Awards- Co-Sponsored by OK 2 Day and Michigan Restaurant Association

2:00 pm: Career & Networking Fair Opens

2:00 pm: Innovation Break featuring Michigan Drone Pros

2:30 pm Session III: Engage Your Audience Through Social Storytelling

The social world is becoming ever more present in our everyday lives. Stories are at our finger tips. We no longer have to wait for the 6 O’Clock News or wait for a monthly subscription to come out; it’s instantaneous. Not everyone uses media in the same manner, nor is captured by it. By using mixed media, you’re reaching a more diverse and wider audience who can help share their story. With cable cord cutting become ever more relevant, it is now more important than ever to capture your audience and their story through social. In this session you will learn how to engage community members through various digital techniques.
Erin Cornett; Social Media Specialist, Meridian Township,
Kevin Neil Smith; Multimedia Producer, Independence Television and
Michelle Oliver; Multimedia Journalist, WDIV

3:30 pm: Innovation Break featuring Lectrosonics- MAB foundation 50/50 drawing

4:00 pm Session IV: 101 Ways to Repurpose Content with One Tool

An increasing number of facilities and news organizations are doing more with less; yet demand is ever increasing. How can you meet the multiple platform demands at our fingertips while staying relevant and keeping communities informed? In this season, you will learn 101 ways to repurpose content; including a handout showing how easy it is to share one story 101 different ways using one tool.
Brandie Yates, Executive Producer, HOMTV and
Sherri Powers; Director of Marketing, TechSmith Corporation 

 Or attend

4:00 pm Session IV: Joint meeting Michigan ACM and Michigan NATOA

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