Action Needed!

National ACM is asking citizens to contact their local congressional offices in the coming month as part of their campaign to protect community media. Will you and your colleagues from your organization take 15 minutes in the next month to make three phone calls? I just called today and the staff in the local offices are very nice and happy to hear from people!

Below is the simple script, but you can modify it for Board members, volunteers and others who will be engaging with phone calls.

Here’s a listing of local office numbers for the Ann Arbor area. (If you need help finding your reps. LOCAL number please email ):

Sample Script for PEG Calls with local offices of Senators and Representatives.Be nice and be direct.  No need to be nervous!  Remember, staff members work for someone who works for you!


Hi, my name is (x) and I live in (y).   I’m calling to express my concern about telecommunications and PEG Access media.   Can I talk with you or someone else on the Congress member’s staff?

With the new Congress, I want to make sure that Public Educational and Government Access media services like we have in (my town or city) are not harmed.   We depend on (name of local organization) for local media coverage, educational training, local government information (and so on.  Talk about what you like about your local service or what you depend upon).

I would like to make sure that Representative (or Senator) (z) will fight to make sure that Congress does not harm PEG Access.   We need it in (your community).

Will the Senator (or Representative) support PEG Access in this Congress?

Thank you for your time.

Thank you in advance from National and Michigan ACM!

-Alysha Schlundt-Bodien

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