2016 Station Tour Recap

The 2016 Fall Station Tour included a small group of people, but lots of great ideas! We saw everything from a massive studio where they shoot car commercials, a fully functioning HD governmental studio and a live news broadcast in Detroit.

Huge thanks to Doris Hage from Specs Howard School of Media Arts for setting up the tour of their newly renovated Farmington Hills location. We had a great time meeting with staff and getting to know more about the three different Media Arts Programs offered at Specs Howard. The classrooms are roomy, bright and full of technology. We also learned that Mr. Specs Howard is 90 years old and still comes to work daily!

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Next, we headed to City of Warren’s TV Warren to say farewell, and congratulations, to the former Communication Director Tracey Perry. Friday was her last day, so we were excited to be able to spend it with her. We toured their spacious HD studios. That’s right, they have two! Their studios are split by one control room, but their HD truck can be hooked up to act as another control room. Meaning they have two fully functioning HD studios with really impressive sets and camera! We got to meet most of their staff because they were getting ready to go produce a Friday night football game. Great staff and facility! Thanks for having us TV Warren, Tracey and crew!

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Our last stop was WDIV Channel 4 in the heart of downtown Detroit. Our tour guide was Photographer John Pompeo whom is a HOMTV alumni. We saw everything from master control to set design ideas and even got to meet Reporters Jason Colthorp & Kimberly Gill on set during their live broadcast! Thanks John for showing us the VIP behind the scenes view during the live 5pm news coverage!

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Thanks again to everyone who came to the 2016 station tour and a very special thanks to Specs Howard, TV Warren & WDIV Channel 4 for letting us tour their facilities! If you’re station would like to be part of the 2017 station tour please email michiganacm@gmail.com.


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