MAB Great Lakes Media Show 2019 Itinerary

Join us for the Michigan ACM/NATOA Joint Luncheon on

Wednesday, March 6, 2019

At the end of the day, we will have a joint meeting with

Michigan ACM & NATOA members. All events take place at The Lansing Center.

Attendance including lunch and admission to the Trade Show is $40

Sign up through the Great Lakes Media Show Registration 2019 page and select the NATOA/ACM under Registration Type.


Itinerary  (online schedule, click here):

8- 10 a.m. Breakfast in the Exhibit Hall & Registration Opens

9:00-10:00 AM- Session I: How to Grow Commission, Boards & their Members

In this session, panelists will introduce best practices for identifying, recruiting, and retaining Board Members and Commissioners who reflect the diversity of their community. Other topics will include:

  • Working vs advisory boards and what that means to you and your organization
  • Building and sustaining community connections.

Speaker(s): Deborah Macon, Commissioner from West Bloomfield) & Dave Albery, Executive Director of Greater West Bloomfield Cable Communications Commission.

10:00 a.m. – 10:30 a.m. | Break (Innovation Stage Session)

10:30 a.m. – 11:30 a.m. | Keynote AddressLara Logan, CBS “60 Minutes” Correspondent: Never scripted, at the podium, Logan offers a comprehensive behind-the-scenes look at foreign affairs in the media. Speaking candidly with audiences, she shares her experiences reporting from the front lines, both as a journalist and as a citizen. Logan can also take audiences into a deeper understanding of her own experience with sexual assault and what it takes to survive and live fully afterwards. With compelling insight, refreshing honesty, and deep conviction in the institution of journalism, Logan imparts audiences with a message of truth, courage and integrity that will change the way you view the world.

11:30 a.m. – 12:00 p.m. | Break (Innovation Stage Session)

12:00 p.m. – 1:30 p.m. | Student Awards Lunch

1:30 p.m. – 2:00 p.m. | Break (Innovation Stage Session)

2:00 pm – 3:00 pm Session II: Live streaming 101

In this panel discussion we’ll discuss what outlet are the most popular for streaming, how much bandwidth and connectivity would you need and what it takes to live stream a professional production.

Speaker(s): Otto Andrew Boschet Jr., Engineer at Bluefunk Broadcasting & Technical Assistant at Access Fort Wayne & Carey Hammel, Operations and Administration Director of MAC TV Network-

3:00 p.m. – 3:30 p.m. | Break (Innovation Stage Session)

3:30 pm – 4:30 pm Session III: Public Policy Update

Attorney Michael J. Watza from Kitch & PROTEC will discussing the current FCC Future Notice of Proposed Rule Making on Cable franchising and local Public Right of Way rule making.

Speaker(s): PROTEC General Counsel Michael J. Watza

***speakers subject to change

Speaker Bios:

Deb Macon is a 20 year Member of the Greater West Bloomfield Cable Communications Commission, where she serves as Vice Chair of the Program Committee.  She is passionate about leveraging volunteer engagement and leadership to strengthen the community. As a governance and strategic planning consultant, Deb engages, educates and empowers elected and appointed officials.
Dave Albery has been the Executive Director of the Greater West Bloomfield Cable Communications Commission for over 30 years.  The Commission serves residents of Keego Harbor, Orchard Lake, Sylvan Lake, and West Bloomfield by providing governmental and educational access, community radio, and on-line services including cable content and a comprehensive community events calendar.  Dave is the Treasurer of the Michigan Chapter of the National Association of Telecommunications Officers and Advisors and a member of NATOA’s Member Services Committee.

Otto Andrew Boschet broadcast experience began in high school at radio station, WJHS-fm and currently works at Access Fort Wayne and WELT-LP located in the Allen County Public Library and called the station’s MacGyver. You will also find him working as the Chief Engineer for Blue Funk Broadcasting’s This Week In America. He is on the Central States Alliance for Community Media Board were his continues helping communities staying involved in combination of use of media.  This involvement strengthens his importance in media and to share inexpensive ways to use many platforms available.

Carey Hammel is the Operations & Administration Director at the Mid Michigan Area Cable Consortium(MAC TV Network) which serves several communities in Mid Michigan.  Through his work at the MAC TV Network Carey has worked on several forms of broadcasts and has designed their current playback and operations system. MAC TV makes use of live streaming to enhance their traditional broadcasts and regularly streams Mid Michigan College Basketball games and other events for their communities.  Carey has also led a group of volunteers in providing a free to view live stream of the Michigan Indoor Track Series State Championship Meet for the last three years. Carey & MAC TV staff use a variety of tools to produce high quality broadcasts and streams on a small budget using the free software OBS Studio as their main method of streaming, recording and graphics.

Michael J. Watza heads the governmental litigation and affairs practice at the Kitch firm. Mr. Watza’s areas of concentration include litigated, legislative and administrative solutions on behalf of municipal, non-profit and private sector clients in the areas of Telecommunications, Energy, Complex Litigation and Legislative Consulting. Mr. Watza serves as general counsel for PROTEC, a consortium of several dozen Michigan municipalities with unique interest in local government right-of-way issues and has served as special projects counsel for the Michigan Municipal Risk Management Authority.

Contacts for more information:

Alysha Schlundt-Bodien, President of MIACM

Deborah Guthrie, President of MINATOA


FCC FNPRM Comment Deadline Friday, Dec. 14!

Most of you know about this, but we haven’t posted anything publicly… so here it is from National ACM:

Reply Comments to FCC & Beyond

Friday, December 14 is the FCC’s deadline for reply comments in its rule-making on cable franchising. We’ve seen over 2,200 comments from across the US so far. Almost ALL of them oppose the FCC’s proposed rules on “in-kind” support.

It’s important for your community to be on the record in the rule-making. If you need templates for comments and instructions on how to make comments, I’m happy to send them to you (just email me at

It’s JUST as important now for us to engage members of Congress on the issue – especially because the House of Representatives new leadership has said it will provide a greater oversight role of the FCC.

That’s why the joint letter from Representatives Peter Welch (VT) and Chellie Pingree (ME) issued this last week is important, and why I’d like you and other ACM members to contact Congress and ask members of the House to write similar letters to the FCC.

Tell your members of Congress that the FCC shouldn’t be harming local communities and reducing local channels available to the public.

Please file a comment with the FCC, inform you local, state and federal representatives about it and help save Community Media!!

2018 Fall Station Tour Recap

A huge hip hip hooray to all the staff and volunteers at MPACT Studios in Monroe, MI for making the Fall 2018 station tour a success!

The event started off at 9a.m. with donuts and coffee sponsored by Tim Hortons, time to network and a fabulous tour of MPACT studios & Rewind 94.3 at 20 W. Fifth St. Ste. 201. We were lucky enough to have an open discussion with State House Representative Joseph Bellino (R-Monroe). State Representative Ballino talked to us about the importance of building close relationships with your representatives and how critical it is to make sure Community Media is here to stay. Next, we had an awesome Sony Demo from Vince Deur! He showed us new Sony cameras and tips to make shooting a breeze. And last, but not least, we had Randy Visser from CableCast by Tightrope Media Systems show us a demo of the interface and all it’s features; like video on demand, streaming and more! As we were leaving an MPACT volunteer was coming in to record a band segment for Rewind 94.3.

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We then enjoyed a tasty lunch sponsored by CableCast by Tightrope & Sony at the Public House where we also got to meet State Senator Dale Zorn (R-Ida) to discuss state franchises agreements and local franchises authorities. Senator Zorn was also very supportive of making sure Community Media thrives and survives.

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After lunch we headed to MPACT Government Access in Monroe City Hall at 120 E. First St. The Council Chambers was under construction as they update the room to be full HD. But it was still cool to see the space and envision what it would look like once complete.

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Next, we went to the Monroe County ISD studio at 1101 South Raisinville Rd. to meet with Christopher Slat who is the Instructional Technology Specialist. Christopher works with teachers in the ISD to offer media programs. He mostly does remote shoots, but he does a few studio shoot each year. The most well know studio shoot in the annual Quiz Bowl!

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We then went south to Bedford Township’s government access channel, in Bedford township hall, to meet with George Welling who runs the city meetings. Their space is small, but very well engineered and we enjoyed meeting George and a volunteer!

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Our last stop was the Bedford High School TV & Radio Studios, which is a CTE operation taught by Mickey Kent. His classroom has it’s own television and radio studio where students produce high school news shows and much more. More photos here can be found on the HOMTV Flicker Page; click here!

Huge thanks to Michigan ACM Vice President & Executive Director Milward J. Beaudry II & MPACT Studios for hosting and putting together the 2018 Fall Station Tour! Special thanks to all the stations that let us come visit! It was a jam packed day full of inspiration, knowledge and great conversations!!!

Our next event will be during the 2018 Great Lakes Media Show hosted by Michigan Association of Broadcasters on Wednesday, March 6 at 8 a.m.! More information about sessions, registration and pricing TBA. We hope to see you there!

Fall Station Tour is THIS Friday, Oct. 12!

Here is the final schedule for Friday, Oct. 12! Photos to come. And hip hip hooray to our sponsors; Vice Deur from Sony & Randy Visser from Cablecast by Tightrope Media Systems!

9:00 a.m. Coffee & Doughnuts Social & Tour at MPACT  (Sponsor: Tim Hortons)

20 W. Fifth St. Ste. 201 Monroe, MI 48161

9:30 a.m. Discussion with State Representative Joseph Bellino (R-Monroe) & State Senator Dale Zorn (R-Ida) regarding SB637

10:10 a.m. Sony Demonstration – Vince Deur

10:30 a.m. Tightrope Demonstration – Randy Visser

11:15 a.m. Group Tour of MPACT & Rewind 94.3

Lunch 12:30 p.m.  (Sponsors: Sony & Cablecast by Tightrope Media Systems)

Public House- Address: 138 N Monroe St, Monroe, MI 48162

Tentative Menu to select from:
Burger- field greens, tomato, red onion, ciabatta – add cheddar, swiss, bleu, feta, mozzarella, or provolone cheese
Public House Burger- bacon, pulled pork, field greens, tomato, red onion,ciabatta
Portobello Sandwich- balsamic marinade, olive tapenade, provolone, onion, field greens ciabatta
Public House Grilled Cheese- swiss, feta, sautéed spinach, tomato, onion, grilled pumpernickel rye

1:45 p.m. MPACT Government Access @ Monroe City Hall 120 E. First St.

2:30 p.m Monroe County ISD 1101 South Raisinville Rd.

4:00 p.m. Bedford Township government access channel operations (New ACM Member) Possible added location: Bedford High School TV & Radio Studios

5:15 p.m. Return to MPACT or Hotels

6:00 p.m. Dinner TBD

Huge thanks to Michigan ACM Vice President & Executive Director Milward J. Beaudry II & MPACT Studios for hosting the 2018 Fall Station Tour! Stay tuned for a recap of our events.

FCC & Senate Bills- What You Should Do!

The time to take action is upon us! Our stations have been working very hard to bring hyper local content to our communities, at little to no cost to many, and if this is taken away what will it be in exchange for? Our funding is under attack and we need your stories and communities to do the follow:

  1. Attend hands on events for local, states and federal issues and talk about the FCC impact on municipalities and SB 637
  2. Educate your local officials on what you do and share stories that show you do it well! This means reaching out to your neighbor communities as well… they will be effected by this loss of funding even if they are NOT using it for Community Media.
  3. Meet with State & Federal Officials locally or in DC.
  4. Create videos to advocate for FCC opposition and the value of PEG.
  5. With examples of what is well received in your community.
  6. Send comments to legislatures;
  7. Specifically to Debbie Dingell and Gary Peters for the FCC matter
  8. And House Reps. for SB 637

We’re drafting talking points, but you should start a document with personal stories explain how this will impact YOUR COMMUNITY!!!

For example,

Paragraph 1- should be about who you and your station are in the community.

Paragraph 2- Should be about how PEG/your services work in the community, how services are provided at $0-little cost, how this will impact you and your community. Paragraph 3- What are some services and testimonial of how important you are in the community or what you do well.

Note: we’re still waiting for open comments once the document goes live, but you should be talking with people and starting to collect their stories. Q&A information below….


Supporting PEG Access, Michigan communities and free speech!

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